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North Foils Aluminum Fuselage

size: 600mm

Price:  $ 249.00 
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size: 700mm

Price:  $ 269.00 
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North Sonar Aluminum Fuselage

This is Norths aluminum fuselage compatible with all North Foils front wings and masts. It features hydrodynamically-optimised shape for minimum resistance, the Sonar Fuselage is precisely CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aeronautical-grade anodised aluminium with structurally engineered connection details that are designed to last. The shorter length A600 Fuselage improves pumpability and has a sporty feel with earlier take-offs. Our longer, A700 Fuselage offers a smoother, more stable ride across every foil discipline. Its forgiving 700mm length improves stability when paired with any wing. Ideal for learning to foil, the longer fuselage delays the pitching moment, giving you more time to react. Featuring GeoLock, a unique tapered geometry locking connection between the Mast and Fuselage for a more efficient load transfer and longer-lasting connection. Fits all Sonar Masts.


  • Hydrodynamically-optimised shape for minimal resistance
  • CNC-machined anodised aeronautical grade aluminum
  • GeoLock tapered geometry locking system for optimised load bearing connection
  • Compatible with all Sonar Masts
  • Compatible with all Sonar Front Wings
  • Available in A600 or A700 sizes