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Slingshot Hover Glide Foil FCARVE V1

Slingshot Hover Glide FCarve Foil

The FCARVE foil from Slingshot is the highest performance and most well rounded package in all of the Hover Glide line. It's the perfect blend of low speed lift, high speed efficiency, overall maneuverability and PUMP-ability. As the trends point more and more towards high-aspect performance, the Quantum 85 wing delivers all the advantages without sacrificing the low speed lift and maneuverability that make slingshot foils so user friendly and easy to ride. This foil is perfect for riders who already know how to foil and are looking to maximize their foiling performance on the Hover Glide foil platform.

The FCARVE foil was built to deliver high aspect foil performance to the Hover Glide platform. The 72cm mast height places your wings in the heart of the power source behind boats, and the Quantum 85cm wing glides the farthest with the least effort.

Why You'll Love It
The FCARVE foil will allow advanced foilers to go virtually anywhere behind the boat with full confidence. This foil flies at impressively low speeds and requires little effort to sustain flight without a power source, allowing you to pick a wave near or far and get to it with complete confidence.

SPECS: 72cm (28”) mast Quantum 85cm front wing 42cm rear Stabilizer Shift Fuselage Lightweight Pedestal