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Unifoil Progression 800 Mast

Unifoil Progression Mast

-Vertical leading edge

The LE of the mast is straight up, with the trailing edge having all the taper. This allows you to rider the Progression 800 mast about 1.5 inches further back in the boxes with the same feel as the Katana mast.

-Smaller plate

The new plate design takes up less surface area on the board, allowing for more room to move your plate to fit on boards that have smaller boxes

-Beefed up plate with less drag

The plate is also reshaped to be more efficient through the water, and the mast/plate connection is beefed up to be extra stiff

-The Progression mast is our stiffest mast offering yet!

With all of our riders commenting on it being noticeably stiffer than the katana and able to handle all the force even the biggest wings throw at you. The new shape is .8mm thicker, with bit of added drag, but the stiffness allows for more control in critical sections.