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Starboard Foils Evolution Freeride Foil Set

construction: Aluminum

Price:  $ 1,299.00 
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construction: Carbon

Price:  $ 2,399.00 
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Tef-Gel is required for foil assembly!

Starboard Foils Evolution Freeride Foil Set

The Starboard Freeride foil has performance characteristics half-way in between the Supercruiser and the GTR. It's not a full-on race foil, but it's also not a pure freeride foil. If you want to blast past your buddies and accelerate out of the jibe - this is the foil for you! The 1100 Evolution Freeride front wing combined with the 95cm Evolution fuselage has an updated and more rigid connection between the front wing and the fuselage. The package also includes an 85cm mast and 500cm tail wing.