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Starboard Foils Glider Pro Front Wing - Quick Lock II

Size: 550

Price:  $ 449.00 
Out of Stock

Size: 700

Price:  $ 499.00 
Out of Stock

Size: 900

Price:  $ 599.00 
Out of Stock

Size: 1050

Price:  $ 699.00 
Out of Stock
Call us with any questions on these wings! 727-656-6569.

Starboard Foils Glider Pro Foil Wings

Glider Pro 1050 / 900: recommended for max light winds and flat water performance + advanced riders.

Glider Pro 700 / 550: recommended for max medium to strong winds performance, for both waves or flat water and for advanced to pro-level riders.

Glider Pro 550 is recommended for max GPS speeds.