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Windsurfing Rental Gift Certificate

Time: 1/2 Day

Price:  $ 80.00 
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Time: All Day

Price:  $ 110.00 
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Half day rentals are 3 hours, full day rentals are 6 hours.

Windsurfing Gear Rental

We make renting windsurfing gear easy! With our trailer based windsurfing gear rentals, you are always in the best location for the wind direction on a given day and you don't have to transport the gear or rig the sail yourself. You can have the right equipment for your abilities and the wind speed, and be windsurfing in an ideal location. Half day rentals are 3 hours and full day are 6 hours.  Rentals must be arranged in advance - so you know where you will meet the trailer and we can make sure the conditions will be best for you.  

Just let us know where to mail the certificate and who it is to and from!