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Fanatic Foilstyler LTD (2021)

Fanatic Foil Styler - Foil Freestyle
Been working on Freestyle moves while foiling, but not having the success you would like.  Well don’t worry the brand new Fanatic Foilsyter is your answer.  Designed to handle all levels of freestyle from beginner to winner, the new Fanatic Foilsylter is focused on maneuvers rather than straight line cruising.  With the addition of the foil to your freestyle game moves can be link considerably easier.  The combinations could be endless.  This board is very easy to use but versatile.  It can also be used for Wing Foiling.

Key Features

  • 100 % FOIL OPTIMIZED Maneuver Foiling optimized design
  • COMPACT SHAPE Compact and loaded with volume for an early flight
  • NOSE DESIGN Beveled nose rails for forgiving touchdowns
  • MOUNT OPTIONS Track Foil Mount allows the use of different style foils
  • WING APPROVED Can also be used for Wing Foiling
  • FOOTPAD Grippy and shock absorbing dual density diamond grooving footpads
  • PREMIUM FOOTSTRAP Comfortable and easy to adjust Fanatic Premium Footstraps