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Bic 9' Standard Leash


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9' long straight leash, ankle cuff

Bic Standard 9 Foot Leash

Don't let your board get away from you when you are in the surf.  No one wants to have to swim all the way to the beach when you fall of your board!  And you don't want your loose board to hit someone else on its way to the beach either.  The Bic 9' standard leash is made of high quality materials with sturdy plastic tubing, a comfy neoprene ankle cuff and swivel on the ankle end so it doesn't get twisted up. 

Warning on use of leash

On use of leash

The leash is not a life-safety device and is intended for convenience purposes only. It is not intended to compensate for deficient surfing and swimming ability, ocean knowledge, safety precautions, or general common sense. We assume no liability for any damage or injury to you or others caused by use, misuse, or inability to use this product.



To use this product with maximum security please read and follow these simple instructions :

- Never grab or wrap the leash around your hand to recover the surfboard : the force of a wave may cause serious damage to your hand or fingers, even amputation in the worst cases.

- A SUP leash can become stuck on objects under the water, particularly when surfing reef or rock breaks. To reduce the risk of drowning, before going surfing with this leash you must train to use the quick release pull tab on the velcro ankle or knee bracelet.

- SUP leashes are NOT intended for use in rivers with current or whitewater rapids. They should not be used in these conditions unless used in conjunction with a PFD quick release sytem AND the appropriate training by a river professional.