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Starboard Hyper Nut Foil (2018)


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Please note this board does not come with the foil. 

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Starboard Hyper Nut SUP Foil Board

The 2018 Starboard Hyper Nut Foil Stand-Up Paddle Board is sure to provide all the thrills you could want while stand up paddle foiling on waves! With a unique design unlike any other board, the Hyper Nut offers stability in length and superior maneuverability with the peanut shape. The Hyper Nut Foil comes in 3 sizes, 6'10", 7'4" and an 8"0" and two constructions, Starlite and Carbon Balsa, so you can pick the best size and construction for you and your riding style. The smaller sizes are ideal for light weight or skilled stand up paddle boarders who want precision turns and foil control while still getting all the stability.  The 8'0" HyperNut Foil sup is great for heavier riders or beginners who want extra length and stability, allowing the board to catchwaves sooner and get up and foiling easier.

With reliable features true to the Starboard brand, you still get the easy to carry IQ handle, comfortable and grippy crocodile skin deck pad, and a pronounced kickpad and center ridge on the tail of the board for amazing control. The Hyper Nut also features a wide nose and tail providing great balance and ease of use as you work your way onto your next wave. These boards also have the option for a traditional quad fin set up in addition to the sup foil.
Starboard HyperNut Foil Board Specs

Starboard Hyper Nut Foil Board Specs