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Fanatic Diamond Air Inflatable SUP Package (2020)


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This SUP package comes with a backpack, pump fins, paddle and leash.  If you are not sure what size would work best for you, give us a call and we can help. 727-656-6569

Fanatic Diamond Air Inflatable SUP Package (2020)

Everything you need, in one convenient package!

The Fanatic Diamond Air Inflatable is a perfect standup paddle board, whether you want to cruise along the coastline or ride some small waves. This board is specifically designed for women. This means that the board isn’t as wide which helps someone with a smaller frame and smaller shoulders be able to paddle more efficiently without struggling to get the board to go in a straight line. There are enough moments in life that have you going in circles, but let’s not have paddling be one of them.

This board is available in two different sizes, the 9’8” and 10’4”, both of which offer the same great performance and stability. Feel free to bring along Fido or a small cooler without feeling like you’re going to fall in with every paddle. This SUP board boasts a classic longboard outline which adds to their stability and versatility.

If storage space and transportation seem like a hassle, Fanatic has sorted that out for you. This standup paddle board comes in its own wheelie backpack complete with a Fanatic Pump. There are “fold here” marks on the board that make sure you can easily get it to fit back in the backpack once you’re done. No struggling, sweating or swearing as you try to smash this back into the carrying case. It really is easy and hassle free. You can easily store and transport this SUP back and forth from your favorite local spots or to your exotic vacation destinations. The board comes in a new berry color for 2020 which is sure to look great on turquoise water, but we’ll let you test that theory.  This also comes with a fin which requires no tools for assembly.  You can easily install the fin without needing a screwdriver, you just use your hands. 

The package also includes the paddle and leash.  The Diamond Carbon 35 3-piece paddle conveniently breaks down into a compact shape that fits in the wheelie backpack with your SUP.    The paddle easily adjusts to your size and style.  The paddle is built with Fanatic's small 6.75” durable carbon composite blade with white ABS rail protection and a 35% Carbon shaft.  The graphics on the paddle perfectly match the Diamond Air SUP.   An ankle leash is also included, making sure to keep you safe while you're out having fun!

Simple. Stable. Easy. In a world full of complications, Fanatic likes to un-complicate things and let you just enjoy being on the water.

Key Features:

  • All around outline - great for beginners and advanced riders, from flatwater to small waves
  • Footpad - Diamond grooving footpad for the ultimate grip and comfort
  • Deck Net - Integrated deck net to attach luggage
  • Towing Eyelets - High quality towing eyelets
  • Tool Free Fin - Removable tool-free Fin
  • Carrying Handle - Soft and comfortable carrying handle
  • Quality Printing - Full deck/base quality printing and rail design for superior optics
  • Diamond Carbon 35 3-piece paddle - light and compact, making it great for any SUP adventure
  • Ankle leash