Fanatic Ray LTD (2018)


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If you're not sure if this is the right Touring SUP for you, just give us a call! We are happy to speak with you about the board and additional options.

Fanatic Ray LTD- Great Touring SUP Board

The Fanatic Ray LTD comes with a beautiful wood deck look using Fanatic's CBS technology or Custom Bamboo Sandwich Light Finish. This layup combines PVC and wood/glass composite to give you a strong but yet lightweight construction for a stand up paddle board. The Ray has a displacement hull in the front to reduce water drag, increase the waterline for effortless glide, and to cut through any rough water. There is also extra volume in the rails for additional stability so you can feel comfortable on the board and still have the ability to carry gear on the front! This board is ideal for someone who would like to SUP tour in varying water conditions and who weighs anywhere from 140lbs-220lbs. This board includes a Fanatic Race 22cm fin.

Ray LTD Board Specifications

Fanatic Ray LTD SUP Specs