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Starboard Blend

construction: Starshot Red

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construction: 15 Starshot Red

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construction: 15 Starshot Blue

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11'2" long x 30" wide x 168 liters

Starboard Blend All Around SUP

A very popular paddleboard with it's roots in traditional longboarding. The Blend's 11'2' long hull glides well when paddling on flat water and is especially easy to catch waves with. While surfing the thin refined rails aft and increased tail V provides a responsive feel and exciting drive out of a turn. The flattened out deck makes the board comfortable for paddling and great for nose riding. It's a very forgiving board to "walk" with its slightly wider nose. The 11'2" x 30" provides enough glide for flat water cruising, good stability for catching waves and exciting performance once up and riding, making it the perfect Blend. Slight mono concave in the nose section to flat middle with V in the tail.  For cruising on flat water, exploring the waterways near you, or catching rides and surfing the waves - the Starboard Blend will be equally at home on your first paddle board outing or for improving your surfing skills!

Length: 340 cm
Width: 76 cm
Tail Width: 16.1" /40.9 cm
Stability rating: 8 Thickness: 3.9" /9.9 cm
Volume: 168 L