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Starboard Hypernut Foil 4 in 1 (2020)

size/construction: 8 foot starlite

Price:  $ 1,799.00 
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size/construction: 7 foot 4 starlite

Price:  $ 1,799.00 
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8' x 31.5"
7'4" x 30"

Starboard Hyper Nut Foil 4 in 1

8' x 31.5"
7'4" x 30"

The Starboard Hyper Nut Foil 4 in 1 is the one board that can do so much! Use it as a SUP board in waves with or without a foil and it has a mast track so you can windsurf it with or without a foil too. With a wide nose and tail the board is super stable for its size and the nut shape of the rails accentuates the turning ability and acceleration out of turns. As compared to the non-windsurfable Hyper Nut Foil, this board does have footstrap inserts for windsurfing and the foil box is positioned about 6.5cm further back.

2 in 1 Foil Mount
You can use a foil that has either a tuttle box mounting system or the plate mount system. The plate mount uses our lightest weight Starboard 10” US Box, with flexibility to adjust the foil forwards and back to suit riding preference. A foil box cover is supplied so you can surf the Hyper Nut normally without the foil without drag.
Foil Box Position
8’0″ x 31.5″ Hyper Nut 4in1: 51.5 cm from the tail to the middle of the foil box
7’4″ x 30″ Hyper Nut 4in1: 47.5 cm from the tail to the middle of the foil box

Starlite Construction
Scratch proof Parabolic Carbon Innegra rail.
3 x Glass T-stringers from the mid point forwards significantly increases strength against total breakage.
A combination of different fiberglass densities wrap the entire hull for strength and durability.
Australian pine on standing area for extra impact resistant and rigidity.