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Starboard Inflatable Airplane (2020)


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2020 Starboard Inflatable Airplane

The revolutionary Starboard inflatable windsurfing boards have been fitted with some outstanding improvements for a fun, yet high performance experience. The 2020 Airplane offers increased top speed, reduced drag, and easier ability to get planing by permanently enclosing the tuttle fin box, which also allows for a faster, more convenient setup, while the bottom shape has been streamlined for better water release and amazing speed. New welding technology offers upgraded durability like no other brand or past model, promising a board with an increased life expectancy that is also better for the environment! This model also offers an integrated deck plate, improving user experience. Starboard's double rail edge technology creates a solid edge that allows for a clean water release and higher speed, but can still fold and roll up. The Rail Edge has been to improved to allow for increased grip while carve jibing.

The two smaller sizes include a removable center fin box, allowing for a customizable experience: remove the box and fin for an incredibly fast and lightweight windsurfing experience, or re-attach when upwind performance is preferred or you are just learning!
The 290 offers a retractable daggerboard.
All boards come in 6" thickness.