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Starboard Lite Tech Touring (2020)


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Touring Lite Tech

The Touring from Starboard offers one of the best flat water SUP experiences out there no matter your skill level.  For those stand-up-paddlers looking to get their first board the Touring has a lot to offer to help you progress as a paddler, one such feature is the slight tray recessed standing area which lowers your center of gravity improving overall stability while also making you move your feet farther to the rail to have a wider stance increasing your overall performance.  The wide nose and tail provide a smooth glide allowing you to enjoy your time on the water instead of worrying about your balance and falling. 
More experienced paddlers will appreciate the lower nose rocker of the Touring increasing overall speed and increased performance in chop and the deep center channel allowing water to flow from nose to tail creating lift/speed. 

Lite Tech is a light, strong, and affordable construction built for everyday use.  With added nose/tail reinforcements, increased impact resistance in the standing area and high density foam reinforcements, this construction can handle anything life can throw at it. 


  • 2 in 1 shoulder carry strap and paddle holder
  • Deep center channel - improves tracking and delivers a smoother glide
  • Low nose rocker - optimized for flat water cruising
  • Wide tail and nose - smooth and balanced trim for efficient distance paddling
  • Recessed deck - lowers center of gravity improving stability and comfort
  • Bungee tie downs - essential for expeditions and long distance paddling