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Black Project Epic Pro 95 Carbon Paddle

Handle Style: Palm Handle

Price:   $ 370.00   $ 330.00  
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Handle Style: T Handle

Price:   $ 370.00   $ 330.00  
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The Black Project Epic Pro SUP paddle is a premium paddle.  In this paddle you get the reduced weight, precise handling, and the smooth and efficient stroke you are looking for.  Comes with a medium flex carbon shaft and the premium carbon high aspect blade features a CNC cut core, 3k carbon gloss finish and red ABS rail. The combination of the 19.7cm max width, 8 degree angle and dihedral face eliminate flutter and promote a smooth and positive stroke from catch through to release.

  • The T handle features a curved back and flat front, this handle is typically preferred by riders in waves or those with smaller hands.
  • The PALM handle as the name suggests fits the curve of your hand extremely comfortably. Slightly bigger than the T handle this is preferred by riders with bigger hands and / or those racing and touring on flat water. The shape allows maximum energy transfer and comfort during long periods of paddling.