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Chinook Thrust Carbon Adj. SUP Paddle

blade size:

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Adjustable length from 72"-88"
92 has a 92 square inch blade (17" x 7.25") 1.4lbs
82 has a 82 square inch blade (16.75" x 6.75") 1.35lbs

Chinook Thrust Adjustable Carbon SUP Paddle

A light, carbon paddle will let you spend more time on the water with less fatigue, and that means more fun on your paddle board!  The Chinook Thrust is a super light-weight paddle that is adjustable so you can share it with your friend who is a different height, or just change the length for different types of paddling.  The oval shaft makes the paddle extra strong and it feels great in your hands.  The oval shaft also means the paddle won't spin in your hand and it's easier to make sure the paddle blade enters the water facing the correct direction.  The blade features a double dihedral shape that gives better stability with each paddle stroke as well as more thrust.