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Lima Tiki Tech Wave Adj. Paddle

Blade Size: M

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Blade Size: L

Price:  $ 249.00 
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Starboard Lima Tiki Tech Wave Adjustable Length SUP Paddle

The Lima Ltd blade from Starboard will be your new favorite paddle. you can paddle harder with less attention, adding a touch of magic to each stroke. The paddle is perfect for beginners to advanced level, a champion of flat water. Try it to believe it! The extra skinny 26mm shaft is great for smaller hands and reduces fatigue. The concave on the power face guides the water over the blade controlling wobbling and increasing the water flow speed. The edge defining the concave starts round-shaped at the tip of the blade to separate the water smoothly. It then becomes sharper to dictate the water its path and stabilize the blade. All your power is transferred in a straight forward motion as you don’t need to worry about paddle alignment in the water anymore.

The best selling tiki tech blade construction has a strong protective top sheet covering artwork and surface finish. With a carbon stringer that goes all the way from the neck to the top of the blade,  the reflex and strength of the blade is enhanced. Even more durability comes from the full ABS rail and extended reinforcement on the blade neck for greater overall strength. The hybrid carbon shaft is exceptionally strong and still light weight.