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Starboard Enduro 2 Hybrid Adjustable Paddle (2018)

Blade Size/Style: S / Sunni Sun

Price:  $ 249.00 
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Blade Size/Style: M / Sunni Sun

Price:  $ 249.00 
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Blade Size/Style: L /Sunni Sun

Price:  $ 249.00 
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Adjustable skinny shaft, good for surf or flat water

Starboard Enduro Tiki Tech Hybrid Carbon Adjustable Paddle

Upgrade from your basic aluminum paddle to this light vibrant Starboard Endure Tiki Tech paddle that comes in the featured Sonni Wave or Sunni Sun styles. This sup paddle covers the performance middle ground between cheap aluminum paddles and the super expensive carbon paddles. Significantly lighter than aluminum, the hybrid carbon composite shaft also has a bit of flex that makes your paddle stroke more efficient.  With a skinny S40 shaft, you get better grip as you drive into the next paddle stroke. The enduro blade is a nice shape and size for recreational paddling, and is more durable than a carbon blade (so you don't have to worry about hitting the bottom when it's low tide).  The well balanced all round blade has a new double concave that helped make the Bolt such a great paddle.  The Enduro is more direct in the water: the first catch feels incredibly precise and powerful. You can paddle with an increased cadence due to a smoother waterflow around the blade and the low aspect design makes it easy to lift out of the water with each stroke and also great to lean on while wave riding.

What is Tiki Tech?

  • New recyclable PET T10 with low resin uptake.
  • UD carbon stringer continues all the way from the neck to the top of the blade, enhancing the reflex characteristics and strength.
  • Full ABS rail and protective top sheet covering artwork and surface finish.
  • Extra reinforcement on the blade neck for greater overall strength.
  • All size Tiki Tech blades sold separately in Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Sonni Wave and Sonni Sun graphics with matching ABS edge.


  • The small blade is- 18.2" (46.3cm) long, 8.1" (20.5cm) wide, 73.6 square inches (475 square cm) of area. 
  • The medium blade is- 19.2" (48.8cm) long, 8.1" (20.7cm) wide, 81.4 square inches (525 square cm) of area. 
  • The large blade is - 20.2" (51.3cm) long, 8.3" (21.2cm) wide, 89.1 square inches (575 square cm) of area.