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Starboard Enduro Carbon Superflex Adj. Paddle (2016)


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skinny adjustable shaft, medium blade, carbon

Starboard Enduro Carbon Superflex Paddle

This is a high performance, super light weight, feels great in your hands and in the water, high performance paddle that is exactly what you need if you simply want the best.  The adjustable shaft allows you to share it with others of different heights (though you won't want to), or to change your paddle length slightly based on the conditions.  The skinny shaft is great for smaller hands and less fatiguing when you are on the water for longer outings.  The S42 stiffness rating is a nice compromise of soft and stiff (and was the softest shaft for Starboard's 2016 paddles).  You won't believe how much more enjoyable it is to paddle with a paddle that is this light and a blade shape that is so efficient.  No more days of wondering why you are working so hard to keep up when you are out with a group - the paddle does make a difference!
Adjustable carbon superflex shaft paired with a medium size enduro blade that is 19.2" (48.8cm) long, 8.1" (20.7cm) wide, 81.4 square inches (525 square cm) of area.

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