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Bic 11' Coil SUP Leash (Ankle)


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Bic 11' SUP Coil Leash (Ankle)

This is an 11' long, coiled leash for all around paddling.  The 7mm coiled cord stays up out of the water and attaches to your ankle with a comfortable velcro and neoprene cuff. 

BIC SUP leashes are made of the highest quality materials and are designed to perform and last for many seasons of use. We recommend straight leashes if you plan to spend some or all of your time in the surf zone. Your leash should be approximately as long as your board. We recommend coiled leashes for touring/racing and general flat-water use as the leash attaches at your calf and stays up out of the water to reduce drag. If you plan to venture into moving current, especially whitewater rapids, it is critical that you attach your leash to a quick-release system located on your torso – this allows you to free yourself from the leash in the event it becomes entrapped.

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