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Fanatic Bamboo Carbon 50 Adj. SUP Paddle

Carbon and Bamboo SUP Paddle

The Fanatic Bamboo Carbon 50 doesn't just look great while you are paddling, it works great too. A Bamboo wrapped 50 % Carbon core with the Union Joint system (where the joint between the shaft and blade is up higher than a traditional paddle) is best suited to those starting to gain skills on a SUP. The twist and flex is superbly controlled through its design,  with a 7.25” blade and an adjustable shaft, and the new Anti Twist System to keep the handle in place at all times.

Fanatic Anti Twist System
For 2017, we’re adding our new Anti Twist System to our 100, 80, and 50% Carbon paddles. A flat section on the extension and a matching cleat system put an end to using additional forces whilst locking your adjustable system. Paddle with confidence – your shaft and handle won’t move!

fanatic carbon bamboo sup paddle specifications

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