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Fanatic Carbon 35 SUP Paddle

Type: Adjustable

Price:  $ 209.00 
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Type: 3 Pc. Adjustable

Price:  $ 229.00 
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Adjustable shaft is 165-220cm long

Fanatic Carbon 35 SUP Paddle

This paddle is a fantastic value with a great price and nice performance.  It comes in fixed, adjustable and 3-pice adjustable versions.  With 35 % Carbon/Glass shaft, and strong ABS protected composite blade it is the new top choice for any entry level paddler willing to go from zero to hero.

Fanatic Union Joint System
Most paddles are made up of two parts: the blade, and the shaft. Previously, these two flexible parts were disrupted by an oversized stiff joint, where paddle and shaft were connected. The Fanatic Union Paddle has revolutionized paddles by placing the joint between the blade and shaft up higher.  This creates constant flex for an unmatched spring and response with every stroke. From the moment the blade enters the water, your energy is converted into forward drive.

fanatic carbon 35 paddle specs