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Mystic Star Foilboard Daypack Boardbag

Size: 5 1

Price:  $ 99.99 
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Size: 5 6

Price:  $ 104.99 
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Size: 6 1

Price:  $ 114.99 
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Mystic Star Foilboard Daypack

This boardbag is ideal for your wingboard or larger kitefoil boards. It features an opening on the bottom for the mast to fit into, so the foil can be left attached to the board. Perfect for your everyday trips to and from the beach, and comes in four sizes.


  • 4mm padding
  • Extra foam rail protection
  • Velcro foil mast opening
  • Transparent tool pockets inside
  • Adjustable board webbing straps
  • Basic shoulder strap (detachable)
  • Carry handles