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Starboard Inflatable 11'2" Blend Deluxe Windsup (2020)


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Starboard Inflatable 11’2” Blend Deluxe Windsup

Dilemma – you want to windsurf and your girl wants to SUP. That’s a lot of gear to schlep around, and that’s not including the kids, the dog and refreshments for the beach. Instead of leaving the kids at home (apparently that’s frowned upon) Starboard has a solution. Just grab the Starboard inflatable Blend Deluxe Windsup board and make everyone happy. The Deluxe woven drop stitch construction paired with galvanized rails give stiffness and stabiltiy that is unmatched by other inflatables.  Your girl can paddle around and there’s enough volume to take a kid, dog or small cooler along for the ride. When the wind picks up, you can put on the mast track and footstraps, strap on a sail and go sailing. Great board to teach or learn windsurfing.   The kids will love it. Once you kick them off the board, you can have some fun. This inflatable will even get planing. At the end of the day when you’re tired and ready to pack up, this board easily rolls up and fits nicely into a rolled backpack.


  • Woven Technology – Lighter, stronger and stiffer which translates into you having fun with this board for quite a while.
  • Welded Technology – Glue is great, but it just doesn’t last that long. That’s why Starboard uses a heat bond welding technique to make two separate pieces of PVC into one single solid unit. This is a stronger and more durable bond, that is even more environmentally friendly.
  • Full Power Planing – 3D Rail technology is this great stuff that follows the contours of the board creating a release edge that allows the board to plane, yet it will still easily roll up. This magical edge also helps you accelerate and plane.
  • Removable Mast Track – Here’s what helps make this board so versatile. With Starbaord’s new removable mast track system you have a flat deck when using this for SUP and a way to zip around with a sail.
  • Footstraps – The footstraps attach to plates and pins which ensure a twist-free fitting.
  • Removable Center Fin – When you’re paddling around, remove the center fin to eliminate drag. When you’re ready to windsurf, put the fin back on and it will keep you from drifting sideways.
  • D-Rings – One tail ring at the tail and one at the nose so you can tow and attach your leash.
  • Roller Wheeled Bag - Pack everything away neat and tidy with this sturdy bag. Pump easily fits in here too. This bag is made from recycled bottles so you can feel good and green about your purchase. Ripstop weaving makes the bag tough!
V8 Double Action Pump – The pump fits neatly in the bag with the board. You can inflate your board faster and easier with continuous pumping cycles in both down and upward action. Turn the switch and it becomes a single action pump for easy inflation to 18 PSI.   To really get maximum stiffness and performance always inflate between 15-18 PSI.