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Starboard Lima Carbon Balsa SUP Paddle

Blade Size: Medium

Price:  $ 399.00 
Out of Stock

Blade Size: Large

Price:  $ 399.00 
Out of Stock
One piece shaft (cut-to-fit) carbon

Starboard Lima Carbon Balsa SUP Race Paddle

The Starboard Lima is the evolution of the Starboard Bolt Race paddle from previous years. The Lima blade gives exceptional tracking and control, but is still forgiving in the catch due to the rounder tip.  This reduced catch and relieves paddling stress on the shoulders. The narrow and relatively flat profile of the Lima blade gives a very direct feel and the double concave on the face makes the catch effortless and forgiving.  Suited to a higher cadence stroke, the narrow blade cuts easily through the water and aligns itself for maximum tracking and great power transfer.  Perfect for racers, or paddlers who just want the best, the Lima will allow you to paddle faster with less effort.

If you are transitioning to the Starboard Lima Race paddle from the Bolt Race paddle, keep in mind the Lima blade sizes are different relative to the Bolt. You may consider getting a size larger than what you used for the Bolt.

Why Carbon Balsa Construction?
  • The new long grain balsa core is the new revolution. An organic solution with no compromise compared to standard petroleum based PVC.
  • The structure of the balsa long grain is made of long fibers that acts like millions of tiny stringers going all along the core.
  • They load the energy during the stroke and release it at the end. One more detail that will make you faster on the water.

Starboard Lima Paddle Blade Specifications