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North Sails Warp F USED 10.0 Sail


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Free shipping does NOT apply to used gear.  Used gear is sold as is.  For any questions on this sail or for a shipping quote, give us a call.  727-656-6569

North Sails Warp F Windsurf Sail USED

This 2012 Warp windsurf race sail has been used but still has plenty of life left.  This sail comes with the bag.  There is some cosmetic wear on the sail but nothing that would affect the performance. 


  • Pronounced profile depth at the leading edge - more positive rotation of the cams/increased low end punch.
  • Balanced profile distribution - Increased low end power and acceleration after the jibe and leads to a lighter feeling sail
  • Radical weight reduction due to the 7 batten design
  • Moderate cut-away clew - Reduced "blow-out" effect for increased power and direct acceleration.
  • Twin trim clew allows for individual tuning increasing the range of use.
  • Independent shaping concept improves rotation, control and acceleration
  • Instant rotation - much faster acceleration after shifting through Hyper.Cams and modified batten profiles
  • Continued weigh reduction due to minimalized mini-protector and super light iRocket batten tensioners.