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Severne FGO 7.0 Rig Package (USED)


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This is a USED rig package, give us a call with any questions. (727)-656-6569

Severne FGO 7.0 Rig Package

The Severne FGO 7.0 Rig Package is everything you need to get on the water minus the board. This is a purpose built sail designed to get younger sailors competing on a path to Olympic gold! The FGO is a lightweight racing machine, with strong reinforcement in vital areas. This sail covers a wide wind range and is specially designed to be used on the foil, however can sail on fin no problem. the U15 division uses the 5.0 and 6.0 while the U17 can use the 5.0, 6.0 or 7.0. So depending on your weight and skill you will be able to choose the right sail for you. With only 4 battens and lightweight construction, the physical weight of these sails is significantly less. For foiling this makes maintaining trim much easier and overall more fun. These characteristics also make the sail soft and easy to get up onto the foil.

The rig is lightweight, soft and easy to pump, stable and super easy to control. After the success of the HyperGlide series of sails, Severne created a more user-friendly freeride version, hence the FoilGlide. A High aspect design is more stable, efficient and controllable. The boom lengths have been kept short enough and leeches tight enough to give you more leverage.