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USED Fanatic Skate TE 92 (2019)


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This is a USED board, for more info or for a shipping quote give us a call! 727-656-6569

2019 Fanatic Skate Team Edition - USED - C Minus condition

Make every gust count! The Skate TE is for all of your out-and-out freestyle windsurfing moves. You will learn tricks quicker, be more consistent with all your moves and execute with greater style with the Skate. From learning your first upwind 360 to landing spocks and konos - the Skate will take you where you want to go.  Designed to get planing quickly, the fast rocker line makes sure you have the speed you need going in to tricks.  You will appreciate the reduced area in the nose of the board in aerial and spinning moves when you really notice the reduced swing weight. When windsurfing back and forth isn't enough any more, it's time to get a Fanatic Skate and move into the world of freestyle windsurfing!

Key Features
  • Power V bottom for control and easy sliding
  • Quick rocker line for instant top speed
  • Compact with less nose area for reduced swing weight
  • Power Box for maximum durability in shallow waters
  • Exclusive Biax Innegra Carbon technology

This is a USED board! This board is in great working order and in decent shape, however it was buckled at some point in it's life and then professionally repaired. This board still has plenty of life left to give, and would be a great budget friendly short-board to start learning freestyle tricks with.