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Used Duotone F-Type (2019)

Sizes: 5.8

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Sizes: 6.8

Price:   $ 629.00   $ 429.00  
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USED. See pics for condition or call us for more info.
Not sure if your mast or boom will work or looking for a quiver? Give us a call at 727.656.6569 and we can make sure you get the right gear!

Used Duotone F Type Cambered Windfoiling Sail

Used windsurfing sail. Take the first step into the sport of windfoiling with this new windsurfing sail from Duotone (formerly North Sails).  The F_Type is a cambered windsurfing sail designed to be as light as possible making it super easy to pick up and learn for first time windfoilers.  Since you can get up and foil in much lighter winds compared to an average windsurf board, Duotone designed this windsurfing sail with cams to extend the wind range of the sail when they are equipped (can be removed for more control of the sail when the wind picks up) and only installing 4 battens letting the sail be super light letting riders spending more time on the water and reducing muscle fatigue while sailing.  Another feature offered in the F_Type is the reduced loose leech, this feature allows the sail to have plenty of power to get the rider foiling while staying nice and loose in your hands when gliding across the water letting riders truly enjoy the ride. 


  • Ideal for foil riding - straighter luff curve, 4 batten layout, result in a light weight sail perfect for beginner foil riding
  • Switch soft cam - cams that can be installed for increased wind range or removed for more control
  • Reduced loose leech - adapted to the reduced drag of the leech
  • Optimum aerodynamics - Increased foot area to increase performance despite the upright rig position