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Used Fanatic Flow H9 Foil


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Used Fanatic Flow H9 Aluminum Foil

We used this foil as a demo foil in the trailer. It's in good condition but does feature some cosmetic wear and tear.  This is one of the first generation Fanatic Flow H9 windsurf foils.  This extremely user friendly windsurf foil is a great way to start your foiling adventures! The Fanatic Flow H9 is composed of a durable aluminum mast teamed up with carbon compound wings and fuselage to give you the smoothest flight. The aluminum mast provides excellent strength and durability as you learn this new sport, and it allows you to get this awesome toy at a much more reasonable price than other carbon windsurf foils. The Flow H9 comes with a deep tuttle base and an optional feature to add a wedge for increased control, or you can remove the wedge for early lift and flight. The Foil Flow H9 also features winglets to give you increased turn cycle and track stability.

Comes with:
  • 900 Aluminum Mast
  • 250 carbon compound rear/stabilizer wing
  • 774 carbon compound front wing
  • 750 carbon compound fuselage
  • mounting hardware
  • handy foil bag to carry it all