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Used Kona 8.2 Rig


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Used Kona 8.2 Rig Package

Kona sails are no-cam power slalom sails.  It's the best choice for a sail designed specifically for cruising on longboards or big freeride stuff.  The sail allows the rider to be powered up on smaller sails.  The reduced luff curve allows for hassle-free rigging.  With it's unique design, it can be tuned for non-planing conditions by setting the sail with the tight leech or set the sail pretty floppy for overpowering conditions. The Kona is the choice for the Kona One one-design class.    These sails are monofilm, x-ply and have rod battens.    This sail is used but in great shape.  There is some cosmetic wear and dirt, but nothing that effects the performance.  Monofilm is in great condition.  This package includes the sail, mast, boom, extension, mast base, uphaul and harness lines.