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Used North Sails E-Type HD(2018)

Size: 6.2

Price:  $ 350.00 
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Size: 6.6

Price:  $ 350.00 
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Size: 7.3

Price:  $ 350.00 
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Size: 8.2

Price:  $ 0.00 
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This sail does not come with a sail bag!

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Used North Sails E_Type HD (2018)

It is super easy to get going and not look back with North Sail's fastest, no-cam freeride E_Type sail! This sail comes in this standard mono film version or the HD version which is mono film and layered x-ply for incredible durability and longevity. The E_Type sail features North's Luff.Lift.Panel which translates to early planing and acceleration with a bigger profile in the upper luff, VTS.Plus which gives you rigging indications so you know exactly how much downhaul and outhaul you need for quick and efficient rigging. And if these features aren't enough to get you excited, the E_Type was also designed so you can practically fit the entire sail range on two masts, a 430cm and 460cm is all you need!

This sail was used as a demo sail so has some normal wear and tear along with 2 scrapes to the monofilm as seen in the pictures.