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Used Slingshot Wizard 114 with hover glide 76 foil

This is a used Slingshot Wizard 114 and Hover Glide 76 foil package. It comes with signs of use such as scratches in the foil and little dings in the board.

Slingshot describes the wizard 114 as:
 Designed to pull away from the wide profile of bulky first-generation foil boards. The narrower outline increases your control, reduces windage, and allows the rider to lay hard carves without a formula board stance. Floaty enough to uphaul yet compact enough to fit in the back of a station wagon.
Slingshot describes the foil as:
The Infinity 76cm wing gives you super early lift off and makes getting up a breeze with just a few pumps. Hit 7-8 mph of board speed and you are up and cruising. Ultra low stall speed allows for swell and wave riding and makes foiling jibes mellow and achievable. The Infinity 76 front wing is a self-stabilizing wing with down-force in the wing tips that kicks in at medium to high speeds, stopping the wing from over-lifting and allows you to get more weight back and push it to speeds over 25 kts