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Used Slingshot Wizard 130L

Used Slingshot Wizard 130l

This is a used Slingshot Wizard 130l in good condition  with minimal scratches and no visible damage. slingshot describes the wizard 130 as:  improving  upon the previous 125L model with reduced length and width, but increased thickness. Designed to provide less swing-weight, more controlled jibing, and increased float under your feet, the 130L is the choice for anyone looking to maximize both performance and light wind takeoff.


  • It offers the feeling of riding the foil and nothing else
  • Built from light and stiff Biax Carbon.
  • Boxy volume under your feet, where you need it
  • Direct rail to rail responsiveness
  • Centerline back footstrap option
  • Forward Wingfoiling footstrap inserts
  • Adjustable foil track
  • Sail Sizes: