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Used Starboard Foil 111 (2019)


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Used board - see pictures for condition or call us for more info.
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Used Starboard Foil 111 Foil Specific Windsurf Board

Used demo Starboard Foil 111 - get this year's technology at last year's price! Used during our spring season, this board is in excellent condition with just a few paint chips around the fin box from a tight fitting foil.

One of the five new windsurfing boards Starboard has introduced to its foil dedicated-fleet. Based off of the Foil 122 (2018), this entirely new range of wind foil boards accommodates all levels and types of foil enthusiasts. The tails are wide, allowing for better control over the foil and high angles and speed upwind. The rails are sharp along the entire board for earlier planing and quicker take offs while also bouncing off the surface of the water instead of sticking while sailing along. Also, the boards are thin to provide control and balance while foiling.

Used with a 5.6 square meter sail or smaller, the Foil 111 is the windsurfing board for avid foilers in heavy winds. Its super lightweight as well as reactive as much of its volume is distributed in its width at 70.5 cm. Easy to maneuver and extremely fast, this board is doesn't put any limitations on the fun. Board construction is Flax Balsa making it stiff, lightweight and reinforced at the most stressed areas.