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Ion Muse Wmns Long Sleeve Shorty

Ion Muse Long Sleeve 2mm Shorty - No Zipper

The Ion Muse series is all about great performance and great looking women's wetsuits.  The long sleeve zipless shorty is a surprisingly versatile wetsuit that you will find yourself wearing again and again.  The legs are a bit shorter than a typical wetsuit (more booty short than bike short length) so you avoid weird tan lines and show off your great legs! The 2mm thickness is enough to add some warmth on cool days, the long sleeves keep you warmer and protect your skin from the sun.  With no zipper, there is no restriction to your movement and less water flushes through your wetsuit when you crash windsurfing or kiting.  The double neck flap takes a little getting use to when you are putting the suit on or taking it off (if you have real restrictions of your shoulder mobility you might want a wetsuit with a zipper).  Even when the water temps dip into the low 60's, you will still be toasty and having fun!

ion wetsuit size chart