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Bic 11'6 Wind/Starboard Classic Rig Package

RIg Size: 5.5m

Price:   $ 1,898.00   $ 1,825.00  
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RIg Size: 6.5m

Price:   $ 1,898.00   $ 1,825.00  
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Bic 11'6" Wind/SUP with Starboard Classic Rig

The 11'6" Wind from Bic is a super versatile water toy. At 11'6" long, 32.5" wide and 215 liters of volume - it is stable enough for beginner windsurfers and paddlers. The extra length gives this board a terrific feeling of gliding across the water when paired with a sail, and the retractable dagger board ensures that you will be able to sail up wind. Cruise on flat water with a paddle or a sail - you can even venture into small waves - this board does it all! Surprisingly quick through the water for a board that doesn't have footstraps, it performs decently when the wind climbs above 15.  And it has enough rocker to be fun in small waves in light wind.  Teach your kids on it, cruise in light wind, play in the waves - yep, you can do it all!

The Starboard Classic rig is designed to provide ample power to propel a SUP or long windsurfing board in light wind.  This rig will provide the perfect amount of power for the Bic 11'6, the WindSUP Sails aim to make windsurfing simple and fun!  The whole rig is made to be light and powerful, so it is perfect for light wind windsurfing - gliding across your neighborhood lake or bay with ease.  The WindSUP Classic uses a two piece reduced diameter mast and a boom and comes complete with extension, uphaul, mast base and bag.

The 4.5m size is perfect for most kids starting around 12 years old and small adults who are just learning to windsurf, the 5.5m and 6.5m size will get you cruising faster when the wind is still light.

Starboard Classic Rig Specs

Sail Size (m2) 1.2 2.0 3.0 4.5 5.5 6.5
Mast Length (cm) 205 250 310 385 430 430
Luff Length (cm) 205 250 310 385 434 456
Boom Length (cm) 102 130 150 176 186-188 206-208