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Exocet WindSUP 10' 2019

construction: 10' AST

Price:  $ 1,599.00 
Out of Stock

construction: 10' Pro Am

Price:  $ 2,299.00 
Out of Stock
Comes with fin, daggerboard, and foostraps
Foil ready fin box

Exocet WindSUP 10' All-Around Fun

If you want one board that does almost everything on the water - this is it!  A compact 10' long paddle board that works in flat water or waves AND also has a mast track, center board, and footstrap inserts for windsurfing.  Unlike some cross-over boards - the Exocet is great for both paddling and windsurfing.  The bottom shape and rails have been optimized to work for both applications and in flat water or small waves.  If you show up to the beach and there is no wind - no problem! Just grab your paddle and have a great time.  For light wind windsurfing you will have great glide, and the full size, retractable daggerboard will give you added up-wind ability.  If the breeze picks up, you can be flying along in the footstraps.  And new for 2018, the WindSUP boards have a foil box! That's right - you can put a foil on this board too and really have a great time in light wind. 

exocet windsup 10' specs