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Starboard 11'2 Blend Wind SUP Inflatable Zen (2018)


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2018 Starboard Blend Wind SUP All Around with Great Glide

The Starboard Blend Inflatable Windsup Zen is a fantastic all around board with great glide, this version is inflatable so it is super easy to store an transport!  At 11'2" long and 32" wide it is a great size for paddling or windsurfing, the ultimate waterman craft.  With the Zen Model, switching between windsurfing and paddling mode is as easy and simple as pulling out the center fin. With an improved construction that is 20% lighter and stronger then prior years and it comes with an improved roller bag. Four easy to install footstraps with improved inserts and the new "mushroom mast box" round out the awesome windsurfing features on this board.

The Starboard Zen construction has for 2018 increased the yarn density inside the board, added a deck and bottom stringers to increase rocker control and stiffness. The .9mm nose and tail rail band also aid in maintaining the stiffness of the board. The center fin box can be removed as well with 4 screws for a cleaner paddleling experience. Also the 2018 Blend in the Zen construction is now 6" thick instead of 4.75" like last year, so it has increased volume and stability for 2018.

11'2 long x 32" wide x 6" thick
Zen is 6" thick, has 330 liters of volume, comes with roller bag, center fin box and drake center and rear fins.

Britt says "This has been a super popular board last year. I was impressed when a couple who didn't windsurf but paddle often, bought one, and took a lesson with me in a light increasing wind and did great. The Blend Zen was stable, glided well in light wind and when the wind picked up with the rail edge releasing the water easily and was quite quick."