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Starboard Inflatable Touring Wind/SUP (2019)


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Starboard Inflatable Touring Wind/SUP (2019)

The Starboard Touring Wind SUP is an amazing all around board offering great stability and versatility for anyone wanting an excuse to get on the water while also being easy to store and transport without the need of a roof rack. The Touring design is the fastest of all the inflatable Wind SUP boards for 2019 due to its narrow shape and parallel outline letting the rider get the best glide.  Changing from windsurfing mode to SUP mode has never been easier with these Wind SUP's from Starboard, simply insert the center fin into the board for windsurfing or take the center fin out to go paddleboarding.  The Touring Wind SUP utilizes a mushroom mast box that is inserted underneath the board and as the sail pulls the more the mast track stays in place allowing for a safe and reliable mast base.  These boards are made with Starboard's 3D rail edge technology that allow these inflatables to fully plane when windsurfing while also letting the board to be able to fold and roll up.  A new design addition for the 2019 inflatables is the welded rails, in the past the rails were glued together and now they are welded together to create one strong and stable rail increasing the board's longevity. 

Board Dimensions:

  • Length- 12'6"
  • Width- 30"
  • Volume- 351L
  • Sail Range- 4.5 - 7.5m2


  • Removable center fin
  • Full power planing
  • Mushroom mast track insert & load spreader
  • Heat welded rails
Starboard Inflatable Touring Wind SUP spec