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Starboard Waterman WindSUP Classic Rig

size: 5.5

Price:  $ 749.00 
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size: 6.5

Price:  $ 749.00 
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size: demo 5.5

Price:  $ 499.00 
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Everything you need except the board!

Starboard Classic WindSUP Rig

Designed to provide ample power to propel a SUP or long windsurfing board in light wind.  This rig will provide the perfect amount of power to stand up paddle board that can be windsurfed (or for light wind windsurfing boards), the WindSUP Sails aim to make windsurfing simple and fun!  The whole rig is made to be light and powerful, so it is perfect for light wind windsurfing - gliding across your neighborhood lake or bay with ease.  The WindSUP Classic uses a two piece reduced diameter mast and a boom and comes complete with extension, uphaul, mast base and bag.

The WindSUP Sails bags are also now made from recycled plastic bottles in partnership with Waste2Wear.