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Starboard Wingboard 4in1 Inflatable

Starboard Wingboard 4in1 inflatable - SUP - Windsurf -Wing Surf

A most versatile inflatable from Starboard that will allow you to participate in multiple sports. Of course it is a stellar paddle board, and you can windsurf on it too. If you want to get into winging, but aren't ready for a foil, this is a great platform for learning that too. The wide nose and tail provide enough stability, while the length and parallel rails generate the glide and speed. The removable center fin helps going upwind and the foot straps indicate the best standing position to start learning. The board comes with a removable mast base for windsurfing, rail edges for better release, and a carry strap that can also be used as a paddle holder.

On top of being a Wing – SUP- and Windsurfing board, the 10’4” can be paddled with the wing if the wind drops and the rider is caught in the middle of a session.

Deluxe Single Chamber Construction
Welded Rail Technology
A completely airtight, mechanically bonded seam with no glue to weaken over time. Stronger and longer lasting than almost any other inflatable.

Fusion Woven Dropstitch
Woven fabrics create a stiffer, lighter board with less stretch and less material.

3D Rail Edge
A proprietary 3D elastomer follows the contours of the board and allows the board to plane - yet still fold and roll up.

Removable Center Fin Box
Attach the supplied shallow center fin to keep the board from drifting sideways when winging or windsurfing. Remove it for less drab when paddling.

Comes complete with board, pump, carry bag, removable mast track, removable center fin, foostraps for windsurfing, and ankle leash

10'4" long x 32" wide x 6" thick x 313 liters of volume.