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Chinook 1-Bolt Pro Flex Mast Base

Style: Euro Pin

Price:  $ 110.00 
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Style: US Cup

Price:  $ 108.00 
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For foiling only! Not warrantied for any other use.

Chinook 1 Bolt Pro Flex Windsurfing Mast Base

Brand new from Chinook, the 1-Bolt Pro Flex Mast Base features all of the advantages of a tendon base with the added features of a mechanical base. The tendon gives you shock absorption for less stress on you and your board. The mechanical hinge at the top allows you to easily attach your rig to a wide windsurfing board (like a foil board). Uses a standard Chinook Tendon for easy replacment. Made in cast 316 Stainless steel like our other Europin bases so it will be extremely durable & have the distinctive look of polished steel. Available in 2 Bolt and US Base Cup versions!

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