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Chinook 2-bolt Quick Release Base Plate


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Want to know if this base works with your windsurfing board, give us a call @ 727-656-6569!

Please note this does not include the 2-bolt upper base needed to connect your rig to your board.

Chinook 2-Bolt Quick Release Mast Base Plate

Quick release plate for all Two-Bolt "Quick Release" Mast Bases. This windsurfing base plate includes the 2 screws that screw into the mast track and 2 t-bolts to secure the base plate. This is a great option for anyone who wants to make switching boards a breeze- you can keep a base plate on each board then you only need to remove the upper mast base piece to transition from rig to rig. There is no need to spend time spinning the mast base on and off. 

The Chinook 2-Bolt quick release mast base works with Chinook 2-bolt upper bases. This includes both euro-pin and us cup 2-bolt upper bases in the rubber jointtendon, or mechanical style.