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Chinook Carbon RDM Extension

Base/Size: US Cup/Medium

Price:  $ 134.00 
Out of Stock

Base/Size: Euro Pin/Medium

Price:  $ 139.00 
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Base/Size: US Cup/Tall

Price:  $ 139.00 
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Base/Size: Euro Pin/Tall

Price:  $ 147.00 
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Medium = 32cm of extension
Tall = 46cm of extension

Chinook Carbon RDM Mast Extension

Chinook carbon mast extension for RDM (reduced diameter) masts. If you made sure to have a high carbon content mast, carbon boom, and a lightweight sail - you might as well finish your windsurfing rig off with a carbon mast extension!  2cm of adjustment on the composite, snap adjustment collar and oversized brass pulleys for ease of downhauling.

Medium size gives you 32cm of extension
Tall gives you 46cm of extension