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Duotone Power XT 2.0 SDM Extension

Size: 28cm

Price:  $ 199.00 
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Size: 42cm

Price:  $ 199.00 
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Tech Specs

Model SDM 28 SDM 42
Extension Range (cm) 2-28 2-42
Weight (g) 670 770

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Duotone Power.XT 2.0 SDM Mast Extension

Save time rigging and get more time on the water with the Duotone Power.XT 2.0 SDM extension.  This extension fits with SDM (standard diameter windsurfing masts) and with euro-pin mast feet.  he Power.XT 2.0 features the innovative Integrated.Ratchet.System which makes down hauling and fine tuning your sail, even out on the water, a breeze and not to mention fast! It also features North's Rapid.Release for simplified de-rigging and original Lyros Dyneema rope for higher strength and durability. If you want rigging your windsurf sail to be quick and easy, without having to strain to downhaul your sail, this is the extension you  need.  To top it off, this extension comes with a 2-Year Unconditional Warranty!