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Severne Triple Extension HD

Size: 36 RDM aluminum

Price:  $ 139.00 
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Size: 36 RDM carbon

Price:  $ 275.00 
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RDM, 36cm, Euro-pin

Severne Triple Extension Windsurfing Mast Extension

When you need a little more mechanical advantage to downhaul your sail - you need the Severne Triple Extension! With three pulleys (instad of 2 like the wave grenade) it is perfect for sails like the NCX or Turbo GT that require a little more downhual but you are still using an RDM mast. As more and more freeride and freerace sails are rigging on reduced diameter masts Severne saw that this was an extension that needed to be built! Only available in the 36cm size and it fits a euro-pin style mast foot.