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Exocet Link with Kona Spark Rig


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If you are just learning to windsurf and need advice or questions answered - call us at 727.656.6569.  We're always happy to help!

Exocet Link board package - great for learning to windsurf!

This is a great beginner windsurfing board that can grow with you after you've had your first lesson!  The Link offers length for excellent glide and tracking in light wind, and a slightly rockered nose to get the board up and out of the water as you get closer to planing! The full EVA deck pad is comfortable on your knees and feet, and there is plenty of stability while you are learning new skills. Footstraps and a retractable centerboard are also included; you can kick the centerboard down in light wind to help you sail upwind better, and you can kick it up in higher winds and step into the footstraps once you progress. This is a great board that has multiple uses and it is not one that you will quickly outgrow!

The Kona Spark is a complete rig package for the novice or progressing windsurfer. It is designed to balance power to provide the best performance with larger boards in lighter winds.  The full x-ply construction gives added durability, but it is still light in your hands.  Comes complete with a sail, mast, boom, extension and mast foot that all fits in a single bag for easy storage and transport.  The Kona Spark works great on large boards in light to medium winds.

Exocet Link Board Specs: