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Kona Hula with Aerotech Motion Rig

Sail Size: Motion 5.5m

Price:  $ 2,049.00 
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Sail Size: Motion 5.6m

Price:  $ 2,099.00 
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If you are just getting into windsurfing, we offer beginner to advanced lessons and we have a great selection of additional beginner windsurfing rigs!

Motion sail color varies, please call us at 727-656-6569 for special requests.

Kona Hula Windsurfing Board and the Aerotech Motion Rig

The Kona Hula is a large stable board that works great for even the biggest people who are learning to windsurf. The board is almost 90cm wide down the entire length of the Hula and has parallel rails, which makes it a stable platform for cruising and turning around. If you have tried windsurfing before and thought it was just too difficult to keep your balance, the Kona Hula will change your mind! With over 250 liters of volume, you get a stable platform to learn and progress your windsurfing skills. The Hula includes a retractable daggerboard and several footstrap inserts making it extremely versatile, and it’s a great progression board to serve you from day one in light wind to your first time planing in higher wind. This board offers exceptional glide and performance in sub-planing conditions and in flat to choppy waters.

The Kona Hula also features a full EVA deck pad to provide more comfort for your feet and knees as you climb onto the board. It is durably made with the AST hull construction, comes with a power box fin system, includes 2 fins (one performance and one recreational) and a retractable daggerboard, and 4 fixed length Kona footstraps!

Paired with the Aerotech Motion windsurfing rig, you have a great combination for learning to windsurf and progressing your skills. The 2018 Aerotech Motion Rig gives you high quality beginner gear at a great price! The Aerotech Motion windsurfing sail is composed of 100% x-ply for a lightweight durable rig. You have the option between two different sail/rig sizes to go with your sailboard; a 5.5m or 6.5m rig. Both sails options are slightly shorter than standard 5.5m or 6.5m sails which allows them both to fit on a 400cm mast. This is very convenient because you can have a bigger range of sails that will fit on the same mast. Cost efficient and saves space in your garage! A smaller windsurfing mast also help make the sail feel lighter and is easier to handle for the progressing or beginner windsurfer.  The Motion windsurfing rig comes with the sail, mast, boom, uphaul, outhaul, mast base and extension. 

The Motion sails are brightly colored, giving you great visibility on the water-another added benefit for beginning windsurfers! Each rig package also comes equipped with an oversized bag that fits the entire rig and all components.this makes transportation and storage of your windsurfing kit incredibly easy! No more typical windsurfers garage that is full to the brim with rig components! The carry bag also makes it easy to take your kit to and from the water.